The values of Open Prairie™  Natural Angus beef are summed up in two ideas. First, nothing good comes easy. Raising cattle the natural way requires hard work, patience, and a respect for the land. Second, honor the beauty of simplicity. We work hard to achieve a simpler product—getting back to the basics and bringing them to your table is where our dedication rests. It’s why you’ll never savor a taste quite like that of beef as nature intended.


We take great pride in the traditions and cattle-raising practices of the Open Prairie Natural Angus beef ranchers. Because of their dedication, our natural Angus beef exceeds the USDA criteria for natural meats.

We select only high-quality Angus cattle and keep all production processes to an absolute minimum. The feed given to the cattle is 100% vegetarian and includes no animal by-products, animal fats or even fish oils. No antibiotics are administered and the cattle receive no added hormones, meaning you enjoy the pure taste of natural Angus.